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Grants and Subsides

The Lifelong Learning Centre and the University have agreements with companies and other institutions that provide students with grants for postgraduate studies. If you would like to know whether the course you have selected has been assigned any funds for grants, go to the course description and consult the section Observations.

If there is no grant option for your course or you wish to find out about other options, we advise you to consult the section on grants at the Universia website. This site provides information about grants provided by both local and foreign administrations, and also grants from private and business.

Should you decide to opt for a loan, consult the Finance section, where you will find information about loans with special conditions. What is more, the Ministry of Education and Science subsidises 70% of the interests.

If you work, you may be eligible for grants provided by the “Tripartite Foundation for Training in Employment” as part of the project to encourage individual training leave. If your company believes that it is in their interests to increase your knowledge, you may be able to obtain subsidies for worker training. You apply for the subsidy and your company pays the matriculation fee and makes you available during the working day. The cost will be refunded. All the conditions can be consulted at the Tripartite Foundation’s website.

Every year, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation provides foreign students with grants for postgraduate studies. For further information, see Becas MAEC.

For foreign students from Latin America, the European Union has the high-level grant scheme Alban and students from the United States can opt for
Fullbright grants.

Financing & Loans

The FURV has drawn up agreements with different financial entities in order to obtain loans with preferential conditions for our students.

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Please fulfil your inscription and select the method of payment "Bank transfer / Financing". When you reach the end of this process you must print the registration form and present it to the selected entity in order to process your loan. This option is incompatible with all other kinds of partial payments.


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